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Dr. Sheree Silver, Ph.D., offers many quality services, including Hypnosis, Psychic Readings, and Weddings.

1 Hour Hypnosis - $100

Is safe and relaxing. By using hypnosis it is possible to quit destructive habits and addictions. Get rid of fears, improve your memory, and improve your mental and physical health - well being. GROUP RATES ARE AVAILABLE.

1/2 hour Psychic Readings - $75. 1 hour $125.

Psychic Readings help you have insight into your current life situations and the people in them. It offers direction into the future, as well. GROUP RATES ARE AVAILABLE.

1/2 hour Psychic Medium - $75. 1 hour $125.

Allows you to connect with your loved ones on the other side and receive confirmation that death is not the end.

1/2 hour Dream Analysis - $75. 1 hour $125.

Bring your dreams and we will help you understand them and how they can guide you in your life.

1 hour Reiki Healings - $125 In-Person

Dr. Silver holds a Reiki Master. Through Reiki Healings you will be able to bring balance, health, and peace into your mind, body, and spirit.

1.5 Hour Past Life Regressions - $225 In-Person

Using hypnosis we will take you back to your past lives and you will be able to use the experience to help you in your current life. GROUP RATES ARE AVAILABLE.

1/2 Hour Numerology - $75. 1 hour $125.

With the use of Numerology, you will gain insight into your purpose, your life direction, your relationships, and the cycles you go on each year. GROUP RATES ARE AVAILABLE.

Weddings (904-615-4953 or Email for prices)

As a licensed non-denominational minister, Dr. Sheree Silver can create a complete ceremony of your own choosing. This can be performed in whatever setting you choose. By the beach, park, etc. It's all up to you.

Parties (904-615-4953 or Email for prices)

A two hour minimum, preferably 15 minute readings or less.

Workshops & Lectures (904-615-4953 or Email for prices)

Dr. Silver is flexible when it comes to the topics of workshops or lectures, so there are many options.

Metaphysical Realm

Dr. Silver's portal offers more information on the variety of workshops and lectures offered by the Shiloh Spiritual Center. Visit to start your metaphysical journey.